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Listed below are 29 inventions that have been developed over a 55 year period of time, since the first manual water softener was designed by George and Ray Field in the spring of 1957. Thousands of these innovative, simple and extremely functional softeners were sold to Farmers who did not have running water. When Farmers became “watered up” the need for this product dryed up in favour of Automatic Water Treating Equipment.

The Big Iron family of inventions, listed below, has placed Big Iron Drilling in the forefront as the primary leader in new and innovative water well drilling and water treatment products world wide. No other company anywhere has had the divergency of thought and product development that continues to this day in making Big Iron Drilling the leader in water well drilling and water treatment.


Water Well Drilling

Plastic Casing Puller Drive Shoe
Plastic casing has become very popular in many areas of Canada and the U.S.A. It is light and easier to handle than steel casing and it is not prone to corrosion.

Although most plastic water well casing is strong, it is susceptible to cracking or shattering by heavy drill tools and pressure exerted on the casing.

Where a seal is required at the bottom of surface casing to prevent sand, silt, mud or unwanted water to get past, a pressure seal is the best seal to have. It is not sensible for the driller to “drive” plastic casing by beating or pushing it into a hard impermeable formation wherein a seal can be achieved.

As a result, drillers are obliged to use a non-pressure seal using a variety of product such as bentonite, rubber and other non-pressurizing methods in an attempt to effect a seal. However, none of these seals have been shown to be as effective as the “pressure seal”.

The Plastic Casing Puller Drive Shoe which is patented in the U.S.A. and Canada very effectively solves this problem. Firstly, a special high quality steel seal or “shoe” is attached to the bottom of the plastic surface casing.

Secondly, a corresponding “pushing tool” is connected to the rotary rig’s drill stem and is sent down the hole inside the plastic casing. The “pushing tool” very effectively connects with the “shoe” and the substantial weight of the drilling rig is transferred to the “shoe”, effecting a high pressure seal without putting any pressure on the plastic casing whatsoever.

After the seal is effected, then the driller can sensibly use air to drill the bottom hole. Air drilling is far more effective than water or “mud” drilling, as air will not shut water off; the driller knows exactly where and when he encounters water; the driller knows how much water the aquifer is producing; and “over drilling” the well deeper is unnecessary.

Without a pressure seal, air drilling can weaken or blow the seal away.
Big Iron Drilling does not claim to do what is not possible. But, with proper well design and sensible drilling methods, chances of success are far greater.

Sand Trap Bladder Pressure Tank
Sand, silt and various precipitates are all too common in water supplies, especially in rural water supplies. Water from a well, a dugout, a lake, a cistern or a river is characteristically prone to sand and silt etc.

Pressure tanks are by no means new. However, the bladder style pressure tank is the most recent style of pressure tank to enter the market.

The Sand Trap Bladder Pressure Tank will effectively remove sand, silt and other precipitates without use of filters, small or large. The only service required is to flush the tank by opening the drain cock every few months, for just 3 or 4 minutes.

No more sediment being discharged into the service line.
No filters to plug up and change.
No loss of pressure.
Eliminates “extensive pumping” of a new well to get it sand free before hooking it up to the service line.
No more damage to plumbing fixtures and appliances from short and long term effects of granular particulate in your water.

Down Hole Water Well Gas Separator
Many wells experience a very annoying and potentially dangerous problem with methane or natural gas problems in their water supply coming up into their house and also producing problems in the well itself.

A Down Hole Water Well Gas Separator is a very unique and excellent solution to a problem that drillers have experienced since the beginning of time.

Although developmentally, it is virtually completed, it is a proven product and the company is in the process of bringing this to market. At the present time, it is patent pending and the company has high expectations for its use.

Cable Tool/Rotary Drilling Underreamer
Many underreamers both in Rotary drilling or Cable Tool are either significantly expensive or clumsy and ineffective. Big Iron’s current Cable Tool/Rotary Drilling Underreamer can be used with either a Cable Tool rig or a Rotary rig and is very effective and relatively speaking is inexpensive.
Although the product has been developed, it is not on the market at this time and won’t be probably for a little while yet.

We can keep you posted. Of course, the purpose of the underreamer for both the Cable Tool and Rotary drilling operations, under cut the formation below the surface casing so that the surface casing can be moved freely through hard layers of formation to get the bottom of the surface casing to a point where the driller wishes to have the surface casing placed.

Plastic Casing Puller/Centralizing/Driver
Water well drillers, when using plastic casing, continually have problems placing the casing in the bore hole, keeping it from hanging up on the sides, keeping it centralized and also in pulling it out of the bore hole.
One of the major problems of this is, plastic casing will not stand the percussion or beating of the plastic because if it is treated too roughly, it will crack or shatter.

The present invention deals with these problems in a unique and effective manner. It does not resemble the Plastic Casing Puller Drive Shoe that Big Iron Drilling has patented in Canada and the United States.
It’s has a completely different purpose and works under a very different design principle. It is in the developmental stage for the building or marketing of these units.

It is a most remarkable product and addresses a multitudinous amount of problems that drillers are experiencing on a day to day basis in dealing with plastic casing.

Patent Pending.

Pressurized Cistern/Retention Tank Pumping System
Home owners with low producing wells are often obliged to install what is called a Water Boy or a Mini Cistern in the basement to store the water that is being pumped from the well because the well can only produce a limited amount of water.

This storage facility is an open non- pressurized tank. From that tank, a separate pump is installed, usually with its own the pressure tank, supplying water to the house.

The present invention of the Pressurized Cistern/Retention Tank involves no open non- pressurized tank. Without going to a large open non-pressurized tank, the sitting water is not exposed to the open air, often resulting in unsanitary , gungy bacterial growth.

Further, the Pressurized/Cistern/Retention Tank system provides a pressurized blow down valve to further keep the system sanitary and clean.

At this time, this Pressurized Cistern/Retention Tank Pumping system has been completed and perfected.

However, we are not prepared to release it into the commercial market.
Keep monitoring our web site and one of these days you’ll see it rise to the occasion.

Plastic Casing Driver Seal
Although this product is already developed, the company is not prepared to release it to the market at this time.

It has an excellent and universal appeal in the plastic casing water well market.

Patent pending.

Water Treatment


The IronEater is the flagship product of Big Iron Drilling’s water treatment division.

Generally, water treating equipment installed on well water, dugout water, surface water and rural water supplies in general, just does not work very well. The reason there are so many problems with rural water treatment is because traditional equipment for rural water is designed to treat city water, not rural water.

Rural water contains precipitates such as iron, manganese, precipitated H2S and even tannin. These precipitates are not being removed effectively from the media bed with traditional water treatment equipment.

Also, hardness found in rural water is usually way, way higher than in city water. So, it’s no wonder that when you install water treating equipment that’s actually designed for city water, it doesn’t do the job properly.

As a result in Canada, there are tens of thousands of water treatment units that are fouled to the heavens with the precipitates of iron, manganese, H2S, tannins, etc. In the United States, there are hundreds of thousands of these units not working properly for the same reason.
The IronEater is a very remarkable product that addresses the problem of bed fouling.

Basically the IronEater is a jet pump that increases the speed of the water inside of a water treatment vessel very substantially and in combination with other products in the media bed, the precipitates are effectively removed from the bed and bed fouling does not occur. Bed fouling has been problematic for years and years ever since the advent of filtration equipment dealing with the removal of precipitates from water.

Even before the days of running water, our great grandmothers or great, great grandmothers did a far more effective job of dealing with iron than is being done today. In fact in the days before running water, they did not want to go to town with rusty stains on their blouses or on their husband’s shirts and so what they would do, they would pump three or four pails of water four or five days before wash day and put these pails aside out of the reach of dogs so they wouldn’t lap up the water or where the water wouldn’t freeze, and let the iron oxidize to let it settle out.

Come wash day, they would delicately pour the water, most of which had the iron settled out, through usually a flour sack which had been folded once or twice.

Then the precipitated iron that had not settled out would be filtered out by their iron filter, which was the flour sack. Eventually not too long after using it, the flour sack would get fouled up with iron. When the flour sack was washed, it did not wash effectively and so it was not functional as an iron filter anymore. By that time, there was usually another flour sack around and the old one was thrown away.

The bottom line was the iron was effectively removed from the water and Grandma didn’t have the iron problems. She did everything manually but she at least didn’t have iron.

Living in the modern world is very frustrating when it comes to dealing with the precipitates in water. The IronEater has come to the rescue and solves that problem. Big Iron Drilling has a number of patents in both Canada and the United States and units with patent pending that involves the IronEater and we are very proud to have this product and it does an excellent job.

The function of the IronEater is explained in different areas of our Web Site. We will be happy to supply further information and give you an evaluation of your water problem and what the parameters are when removing iron and other precipitates from water.

Patented Canada and the United States.


Is only used when the IronEater is present (is used in combination with the IronEater).

Contains a strategically measured amount of granular media. Is used in combination with water softener resin (cation resin) and /or anion resin.

The granular nature of the Abrazor additive not only does a remarkable job in abrazing or scrubbing precipitates off the combined media bed in the backwash cycle, it acts as an excellent filter block for precipitates (eg. – iron, manganese, precipitated H2S, tannin, etc.) in the service cycle.

Abrazor succeeds, where the nonsensically inefficient design principle of dip-tube units fail dramatically (?)

Extender & Dip Tube Multiple Extender

Is a directional device – only thing like it – no other thing that directs the water.

It contains holes that are strategically positioned so that water is directed to flow evenly through the bed.

It is especially important and valuable in the service and brine (or suck) cycles resulting in significantly less salt usage in water softeners or potassium permanganate in iron filters.

Also significantly less frequent regenerations are required in softeners and iron filters, resulting in substantially less water usage (wastage) in regeneration frequency and shorter regeneration times.

SpringTime Water Distiller

The Springtime Water Distiller is patented in the U.S.A. and Canada. It was invented by Fred Kirschman and Wallace Bolte, both from Bismarck, North Dakota.

Both Fred and Wallace were two very bright and innovative individuals who saw a problem in the domestic water distiller market and decided to correct the problem.

      These two creative fellows put their heads together and it resulted in the finest domestic drinking water machine made anywhere.
    Springtime is a fully automatic water cooled distiller. It is self filling, it is self flushing and it operates under a very remarkable design principle as outlined below.

  1. It will remove organics without a carbon filter. Carbon filters are problematic to drinking water machines, as the carbon not only can store organics but it can potentially breed bacteria, especially in non-chlorinated water supplies.
  2. In Springtime’s patented design principle, the low volatile organics or low boilers as they are called, will not survive the preheat process. Therefore, they do not require a carbon filter.
  3. They cost far less to operate than traditional fan operated distillers. In fact, there is a 35% to 70% lower cost for electricity and filters required to operate the Springtime Distiller.
  4. The Springtime Distiller is very, very silent as it has no annoying fan like air cooled distillers. When the distiller is operating in a completely quiet room, the only noise heard is a very light muffled sound.
  5. The Springtime Distiller gives off very little heat. Over 75% of the heat in the distillation process is confined to the flush water that goes down the drain. The heat that normally causes problems with air cooled distillers does not disturb the temperature around the Springtime distiller.
  6. Springtime is also the most maintenance free distiller on the market, especially with soft water. It is made of the highest quality stainless steel and has an exceptionally long life span.

Big Iron Drilling purchased the Springtime distiller and its’ manufacture is divided between the U.S.A. and Canada. Further no offshore products are used in the manufacture of the Springtime Distiller.

Kontinuous Shok Chlorinator

The “Kontinuous Shok” Chlorinator (KSC) is a remarkable new invention that provides an extremely effective alternative to traditional shock chlorination (TSC).

Although traditional shock chlorination kills bacteria presently in the water well, it does not prevent the future growth of organisms.

As soon as the chlorine is pumped from the well, which is an integral part of the TSC process, bacteria starts to reproduce again.

Most wells, whether they are hand dug, bored, drilled, shallow or deep are generally going untreated and undiagnosed. Therefore, micro-organisms thrive in this environment.

The “Kontinuous Shok” Chlorinator system prevents the growth of bacteria on a continual, on going basis. The environment that these organisms grow in is altered so marginally that it does not noticeably change the water chemistry, while at the same time bacteria and organisms can not breed.

    With the KSC system:

  • No smell is produced in the process.
  • No taste is added to the water.
  • Gungy slime produced from bacterial growth is eliminated in the well and in the house.
  • Iron precipitation (ferrous to ferric) is greatly reduced.
  • Rotten egg (H2S) smell from bacterial growth is eliminated.
  • Existing water treatment equipment works better.
  • Makes TSC outdated and impractical.
  • Initial cost is very reasonable.
  • Financial upkeep is non-existent.
  • A water test is supplied with installation (including arsenic).
  • No concern regarding possible damage to your well as in TSC.
  • Will not harm septic system or any existing water treating equipment.
  • No filters required for the KSC process.


The “Kontinuous Shok” Chlorinator is not a water softener, not an iron filter and not a water purifier.

It is simply a new invention that effectively and economically solves the archaic problem of bacterial growth in water wells.

Millions upon millions of water wells, in North America alone, have been experiencing problematic bacterial growth in the last 100 + years. Finally, a sensible, inexpensive solution has been found. On average, the “Kontinuous Shok” Chlorinator procedure takes 10 to 20 seconds (not counting the walk to the well) every week or two. That’s about 10 to 20 minutes per year.

We are exceedingly pleased with the thousands of “Kontinuous Shok” Chlorinators that we have installed in response to our remarkable new invention.

Canadian Patent Issued August 14, 2012

USA Patent Issued July 5, 2016

Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

Big Iron Drilling is very active in Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems. The product water supplied from Reverse Osmosis is of excellent quality and solves a plethora of water treatment issues. The cost for a Whole House Reverse Osmosis is more than traditional water softener, iron removal systems, but the upside is the quality of the water can in many peoples eyes justify the expenditure.

Pre-treatment of the water prior to the Reverse Osmosis membrane is extremely important and is an integral part of the system. If the water going into the Reverse Osmosis unit itself is not of a required quality, then there will be resultant problems with the whole system.

As a result, this can turn people off from Whole House Reverse Osmosis. Big Iron Drilling is very fortunate to have patented pre-treatment equipment that is essential to the proper functionality of the whole Reverse Osmosis system. With our patented IronEater, patented Abrazor and patented Extender units, along with other proprietary products that Big Iron owns, they are essential in removing the precipitates from water prior to it entering the Reverse Osmosis membrane.

Also, if there are Tannins in the water, we have patent pending products on equipment that will remove the Tannin from the water prior to it going to the membrane. Precipitates going on to the membrane will foul the membrane reducing its life, causing more maintenance, servicing and deterioration of the membrane itself.

Further, the discharge or reject water from the Reverse Osmosis system, is also of significance in at least a couple of important ways. Number 1, the volume of discharge water is important and number 2, to where that discharge water is going. The discharge water can go off into a stream; can be fed to animals (such as larger animals) with no problem; it can be directed into a lagoon; or it can be run into the household septic system. With a household septic system, one must be careful that there will not be too much water directed there.

One of the major functions of the Reverse Osmosis system is to insure that there is no more water going into the family’s sewer systems than the sewer system can sensibly handle. In any event, Big Iron Drilling will evaluate the situation prior to making recommendations and quoting on equipment.

Reverse Osmosis is the product of the future and we presently have umpteen Whole House Reverse Osmosis units in the field stretching over a ten year period of time. People love them and we are having excellent results with them.

We also have to watch that with the water being so pure coming off the Reverse Osmosis unit, and being so very low in total dissolved solids (it is called “hungry water”), it can pull structural matter from piping and fixtures etc. In certain situations, we may have to include simple post treating equipment to neutralize the problem.

Contact Big Iron Drilling and we will be pleased to evaluate your situation and provide a quotation on Whole House Reverse Osmosis along with other alternatives.

Tannin/Iron/Hardness Combination Unit

Tannins in water are microscopic particles of vegetation that cause discolouration in water. Often where Tannin is present in water, there’s iron, sometimes in reasonably high amounts of iron and sometimes quite high amounts of iron.

Where this occurs, if you try to remove the iron from the water and forget about the Tannin, what happens is the microscopic particles of Tannin are less in the water and are not filtered out like the iron can be filtered out. However, the irons that in the water from iron ore and normally comes from the water formation in ferrous form or in solved form or clear iron.

The molecular parts of iron imbed in the Tannin particle and the iron is removed in the iron filtration process but the Tannin is not.

The iron that is in the Tannin ends up oxidizing after iron filtration has taken place leaving rusty stains so this is not an acceptable way to remove iron from water where Tannin is present if you don’t also deal with the Tannin.

The present invention that Big Iron has is a tannin/Iron/Hardness Combination Unit and it will effectively remove the Tannin, the Iron and the Hardness all with one unit and in this Tannin/Iron/Hardness removal system, there are three patented products that are patented in Canada and the United States plus there’s another part of the unit that has patent pending designation making this system very unique in the water treatment field.

Big Iron Drilling has four proprietary products in this Tannin/Iron/Hardness Combination unit so anyone with Tannin in their water and along with iron and/or hardness and you are having issues with your water which is probably the case, contact Big Iron Drilling and we have the solution to the problem and would be happy to analyze the water and give you an evaluation and quotation.

No product anywhere will do what this combination unit will do.

Automatic Water Softener/Purifier Combination Unit

In our view, the Marvel Automatic Water Softener/Purifier Combination Unit supplied by Big Iron Drilling is the finest Water Softener, Water Purifier for city water on the market anywhere today.It carries Big Iron Drilling’s Dip Tube Multiple Extender in combination with water softener media and a high quality water purification media.

It uses significantly less salt than traditional dip tube units, plus it removes organic chemicals like insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and pharmaceuticals.

The replacement purification media will last many times longer than with conventional dip tube units.

Patent pending.

Commercial IronEater System

In the past Big Iron Drilling has been primarily working with domestic and small commercial water treating systems that is reflected in the IronEaters we have on the market today.

However, over the last few years, we have been developing and have developed a remarkable Commercial IronEater System for large 2”, 3”, 4”, and 5” supply systems. We expect this Commercial IronEater System to be on the market in the near future.

However, we have so many things on our plate right not that it may be a while yet.

Instant Cold Water Purifier

Today the bottle water industry is a multibillion dollar industry. The bottle water industry that we are referring to relates to the five gallon plastic bottles that are sold everywhere. These bottles are primarily placed on drinking water dispensers.

These drinking water dispensers have coolers in them to supply cold the drinking water. However, hauling clumsy and expensive jugs of water around placing them on these refrigerated machines, is not what everybody wants to use.

Virtually every home in North America has a cooler in their home already. It’s called a refrigerator. The Instant Cold Water Purifier, which is patented in Canada and the United States, utilizes the conventional refrigerator that’s in a person’s home.

It uses either raw water, reverse osmosis water, distilled water or treated water of some sort. It passes through the refrigerator, is directed to the kitchen sink and a separate drinking water tap supplies cold drinking water on demand.

It is not necessary to buy bottled water; and it is not necessary to have a clumsy drinking water machine in your home where water is often spilled going from point A to point B.

The Instant Cold Water Purifier supplies instant cold water at the kitchen sink. This product works excellently and the market for this product is huge. We expect to have this product in far greater production in the future and have high expectations for its success.

Industrial High Production Water Cooled Distiller

High Production Industrial Distillers generally are very large, very heavy and very expensive. Big Iron’s present invention is none of those three. It is light weight, generally small and reasonably priced.

Prototypes have been built however, at this time, with our template being rather full, we will not have this functionally operating on the market for sometime in the future.

However, it is patent pending.

Annular Mixing Jet Pump III

Annular Mixing Jet Pump III is a product that is designed for unconventional media beds and unconventional applications.

The Annular Mixing Jet Pump III is firmly in the developmental stage and will be on the market in the future.

Alum Tannin/Gas Separator Tank

Discoloration in water is often caused by tannins in the water. Tannins are microscopic particles of vegetation that come from either coal beds in deeper or shallower formations or from decaying vegetation or sacrificial vegetation of some kind.

The discoloration you see from tea is coming from microscopic particles of the tea leaves which are basically tannins. Tannins can be tricky to remove in many situations and in certain areas of the continent where there is sodium or gas in the water, the tannins will separate and bind with very small particles of carbon dioxide gas or just air in general.

The common method to remove tannin from water is to use a clarifier or aluminum phosphate or alum. When using alum and it is injected into the water supply, it combines with the tannin, the tannin particles get sticky and when it is filtered out of the water, it sticks to the filter bed, making it difficult to clean the bed.

One thing that aggravates this situation is when the tannin and the alum combine with the air that’s in the water, then the air and tannin precipitate will rise to the top of the retention tank where the discharge line is and ends up going over onto the media bed in higher amounts than it should.

With the present invention, the tannin is flushed off the retention settling tank, not only from the bottom of the tank but also at the top of the tank so that it will not go over onto the filter bed. This system basically solves the significant problem of loading unwanted alum/tannin precipitate onto the filter bed.

This product is fully developed and is patent pending.

Multiple Extender IronEater

The Multiple Extender IronEater carries patent pending designation in both Canada and the United States however, it is not in production yet and may not be for sometime but it’s a very remarkable addition to the Big Iron family of inventions adding further efficiency levels to our product line of water treating equipment for the rural application.

Automatic Independent Continous Media Bed Cleaner

This device is designed to automatically clean media beds such as water softener resin, iron filter media and other media beds that require cleaning.
It is primarily designed for use in company service departments.

It can be used either in the field or in the company service shop. Although this media bed cleaner is not being marketed at this time, it is in the works for production at a future date.

Hydraulic Generated Automatic Water Conditioner Valve

This product is designed to be used in areas where there is no electricity or where owners of water treatment equipment choose not to use electricity.

This product is not in production at this time. It is at a mature developmental stage but will be on the market in the future.

Automatic Electronic Distiller

The Springtime Automatic Electronic Distiller is patented in both Canada and the United States. Its main functions are electronically initiated. The result is less cleaning is require, it is more automatic, it uses less discharge water and it is more efficient electrically.

In other words, it costs less to operate. There is no steam emitted with this system and less water is flushed to the drain. Because of the popularity of the Springtime # 12 distiller that Big Iron Drilling uses today, we are not promoting this product to the degree that we plan to in the future.


Toilet Cleaning Pad & Splash Guard
It is common practice for persons using a toilet to first clean the seat and/ or the rim of the toilet bowl before usage. Cleaning is usually done using toilet paper.

Further, when using the toilet, splashing from the bowl frequently occurs, sending a disposition of urine and/or fecal matter from the water surface onto a person’s bottom. Such splashing of water in the toilet bowl can result in the spreading of disease such as kidney, bladder or other infections.

The Toilet Cleaning Pad & Splash Guard invention provides a combination toilet cleaning pad and splash guard to clean the rim of a toilet seat and/or toilet bowl and which also acts as a splash guard when placed on the surface of the water in a toilet bowl after use in cleaning the seat and /or bowl.

This combination cleaning pad/splash guard has a pocket in a sheet of biodegradable material wherein a person’s hand is inserted whereby the pad can be used to wipe the toilet seat and/or bowl before placing the appropriately designed pad on the surface of the bowl, eliminating splashing of water contaminated by fecal matter and/or urine.
The material used is impregnated or coated with a bactericidal, fungicidal and/or germicidal substance.

This most remarkable product can be packaged in individual packages and be made available in public washrooms containing dispensers for the pads. It is also very useful in private residences.

As well as preventing the spread of infectious diseases, the Toilet Cleaning Pad & Splash Guard promotes cleanliness by preventing splashing of soiled water on one’s person.

Whisket Drain Cleaner
The late J. George Field, co-founder of Big Iron Drilling Ltd. invented and patented the Whisket Drain Cleaner in the late 1970’s.

It is a very simple and effective way to unplug a sink in a home or unplug a bath tub drain or any drain in the house. The principle behind the drain cleaner is to use a sand blast a drain using a dissolvable abrasive and flushing it through with water. If sand was put through into a drain and then flushed out, it would plug up and it would not work.

However, by using certain type of special salt that’s easy to acquire, the drain gets sand blasted and flushed out under pressure with water supplied from the household water supply.

It has an excellent commercial application. You can go into hotel or an apartment building and clean all the drains in the whole building in a relatively short period of time and do it very effectively and economically.

Ordinarily drains are cleaned by using a snake or dismantling the plumbing to remove what is plugging the drain.
With the Whisket Drain Cleaner, a certain amount of salt is driven through the plugged drain with the dissolvable abrasive and it cleans the drain.

Many of these units were distributed and sold over the years and are still have a very particle use because of this very simple and sound principle.

Whisket II Air/Water Drain Cleaner
The Whisket II Air/Water Drain Cleaner is an updated version of the original Whisket Drain Cleaner. However, it has a very significant difference to the original drain cleaner which at present time, although developed, is not on the market at this time. It carries patent pending designation and will be on the market one of these days.
Automobile Pullmanizer
Although the Automobile Pullmanizer is very dissimilar to the products that Big Iron Drilling has been associated with over the years, this Automobile Pullmanizer is a very interesting and cool product.

It involves converting a particular automobile into a sleeping vehicle whereby two or three people can very comfortably sleep in their vehicle, just as if they were at home sleeping in their own little beddie bye.

From the time a person parks the vehicle until he’s in his pajamas and in bed with the lights turned out, it takes no longer than 10 minutes.

This includes stowing all travelling equipment in the car except for the fuel for the portable stove needed for cooking on the road.

This product has been tested on at least one trip across Canada and return with very enjoyable results.

Patent pending.

Innovate • Innovate • Innovate

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