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Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

Big Iron Drilling is very active in Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems. The product water supplied from Reverse Osmosis is of excellent quality and solves a wide variety of water treatment issues.

The cost for Whole House Reverse Osmosis is more than traditional water softener/iron removal systems. However, the upside is that the quality of the water can justify the cost.

Pre-treatment of the water prior to the Reverse Osmosis membrane is extremely important and is an integral part of the system. If the water going through the RO membrane is not of a required quality, then there can be problems with the whole system.

Big Iron Drilling is very fortunate to have patented pre-treatment equipment that is essential to the proper functionality of the whole Reverse Osmosis system. With our patented IronEater, patented Abrazor and patented Extender, these proprietary products are essential in removing the precipitates from the water prior to it entering the Reverse Osmosis membrane.

Also, if there are Tannins in the water, Big Iron has proprietary products that will remove the Tannins prior to it going to the membrane. Unwanted Precipitates going on to the membrane can foul the membrane, reducing its life, resulting in more maintenance and deterioration of the membrane itself.

Reverse Osmosis is the product of the future and for many years Big Iron has supplied Whole House RO systems with excellent results.

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