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Water Treatment – Medicine Hat, AB

Big Iron Drilling is proud to be your neighbourhood water treatment specialist in Medicine Hat, AB

Water Softener/Iron Filter Combo
Big Iron Drilling’s patented whole house Water Softener/Iron Filter Combination Unit is by far the most popular system we sell. It is the only true water softener, iron filter combination unit on the market.

In its patented design principle, it can stand alone as a water softener or stand alone as an iron filter, while also being a true water softener, iron filter combination unit.

Iron Filters
Iron is the most problematic water condition facing rural land owners today.
Big Iron Drilling’s patented Iron Filter system is the only true Iron Filter available on the market today.

With its patented design principle, it operates as an iron filter, sulphur filter, manganese filter, or all three combined.

Traditional iron filters are not capable of removing iron from the filter bed, resulting in thousands of fouled Iron filters across the country.

Home Water Distillers
A Home Water Distiller is an appliance/machine that boils water, produces steam (vapour), and the steam is than cooled (condensed) to near pure water, leaving the impurities behind in a boiling chamber.

Distillation has been around for centuries and is very popular today with people who desire the highest quality drinking water available.

Water distillers are available as manual, semi automatic and fully automatic. However, today the most popular home water distillers are fully automatic.

Kontinuous Shok Chlorinator
(Continuous Shock Chlorinator)

The Kontinuous Shok Chlorinator (KSC) provides an extremely effective alternative to traditional shock chlorination (TSC). Although traditional shock chlorination kills bacteria presently in a water well, it does not prevent the future growth of bacteria.

As soon as the chlorine is pumped from the well, which is an integral part of the TSC process, bacteria starts to reproduce again. Most wells, whether they are hand dug, bored, drilled, shallow or deep, are generally going undiagnosed and untreated. Therefore, micro-organisms thrive in this environment.

The Kontinuous Shok Chlorinator prevents the growth of bacteria on a continual on-going basis. The environment that these organisms grow in is altered so marginally that it does not noticeably change the water chemistry, while at the same time bacteria will not grow.

PLEASE NOTE: The Kontinuous Shok Chlorinator is not a water softener, not an iron filter and not a water purifier. It is simply a new invention that effectively and economically solves the archaic problem of bacterial growth in water wells.

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System (R.O.) is a process whereby water with dissolved solids, is forced, under pressure, through a semi-permeable membrane resulting in the removal of the dissolved solids.

Initially, R.O. was used to desalinate seawater. Subsequently, some 50 + years ago it began to be used in household and commercial applications. Today it is very popular all over the world in the bottled water industry and also in household drinking water systems.

Household Reverse Osmosis systems must be designed and sized for each application. R.O. water can be used for the household drinking water tap(s), humidifier, connected to a refrigerator and/or ice maker.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis System
Big Iron Drilling is very active in Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems. The product water supplied from Reverse Osmosis is of excellent quality and solves a wide variety of water treatment issues.

The cost for Whole House Reverse Osmosis is more than traditional water softener/iron removal systems. However, the upside is that the quality of the water can justify the cost.

Pre-treatment of the water prior to the Reverse Osmosis membrane is extremely important and is an integral part of the system. If the water going through the RO membrane is not of a required quality, then there can be problems with the whole system.

Chlorination Systems
Household, commercial or industrial chlorination systems typically consist of a liquid chlorinator pump which injects a chlorine solution directly into a water supply.

The chlorinated water is usually fed into retention tanks, some pressurized, some not pressurized, for required contact time with the chlorine.

Chlorine kills bacteria, oxidizes iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. The precipitate produced from the oxidization of the various constituents such as iron, manganese, etc. is then usually filtered out.

The filtration media generally does a good job of removing the precipitate from the water. However, because of the ineffective method used to clean the media bed (eg. backwashing using traditional dip tubes), the media bed often becomes fouled and subsequently ineffective.

UV Lights
Ultraviolet (UV) Lights are very effective in killing bacteria and viruses, making them very valuable in water treatment.

A UV Light can be used in a home or commercial facility to treat the drinking water after a Reverse Osmosis system or Water Distiller.

There are various models and sizes of UV Lights. It is therefore very important that a person receives the proper information when purchasing UV. The problems being addressed can be very serious in nature, with no room for error. Big Iron Drilling has many units in the field at this time and has had for many years.

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