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Kontinuous Shok Chlorinator
(Continuous Shock Chlorinator)

The Kontinuous Shok Chlorinator (KSC) provides an extremely effective alternative to traditional shock chlorination (TSC). Although traditional shock chlorination kills bacteria presently in a water well, it does not prevent the future growth of bacteria. As soon as the chlorine is pumped from the well, which is an integral part of the TSC process, bacteria starts to reproduce again. Most wells, whether they are hand dug, bored, drilled, shallow or deep, are generally going undiagnosed and untreated. Therefore, micro-organisms thrive in this environment.

The Kontinuous Shok Chlorinator prevents the growth of bacteria on a continual on-going basis. The environment that these organisms grow in is altered so marginally that it does not noticeably change the water chemistry, while at the same time bacteria will not grow.

    With the KSC system:

  • No smell is produced in the process.
  • No taste is added to the water.
  • Gungy slime produced from bacterial growth is eliminated in the well and in the house.
  • Iron precipitation (ferrous to ferric) is greatly reduced.
  • Rotten egg (H2S) smell from bacterial growth is eliminated.
  • Existing water treatment equipment works better.
  • Makes TSC outdated and impractical.
  • Initial cost is very reasonable.
  • Financial upkeep is non-existent.
  • You receive an excellent water test (including arsenic).
  • No worry regarding possible damage to your well as in TSC.
  • Will not harm septic system or any kind of water treating equipment.
  • No filters required for the KSC process.

PLEASE NOTE: The Kontinuous Shok Chlorinator is not a water softener, not an iron filter and not a water purifier. It is simply a new invention that effectively and economically solves the archaic problem of bacterial growth in water wells.

Millions upon millions of water wells in North America alone have been experiencing problematic bacterial growth since the beginning of time. Finally, a sensible, inexpensive solution has been found. On average, the Kontinuous Shok Chlorinator procedure takes 10 to 20 seconds (not counting the walk to the well) every week or two. That’s about 10 to 20 minutes per year.

We are exceedingly pleased with the thousands of calls we have received in response to this remarkable new invention.


Kontinuous Shok Chlorinator


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