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1-800-Big Iron (244-4766)

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City and Town Water Softeners

Big Iron Drilling has a wide range of water softeners and purification systems for treating city and town water supplies.

Most municipal water originates from surface and ground water supplies found in rivers and streams. The water travels for miles and miles, picking up calcium and magnesium carbonate from rock formations, making the water hard.

City and Town water treatment plants do not remove this hardness.

A water softener can make life far more pleasant by eliminating the hardness minerals that cause difficulties in everyday use.

City and Town Water Softeners

City and Town Water Softeners

People who currently own a water softener would never be without one again, because of the benefits it provides.

Besides changing your water supply into a far more pleasant experience, a water softener is one of the only investments you can make in your home that will easily pay for itself over and over again. Besides having the pleasure and benefits of soft water you eventually end up aquiring the water softener for free.

However, the major benefit from owning a water softener is not that it pays for itself, but it increases the pleasure and quality of life in everyday use.

In the 56 years that Big Iron Drilling Ltd has been in the water softening business, they have found that virtually everybody wants a water softener — they just don’t know it.

For more information on Big Iron’s City and Town Water Softeners, Call Big Iron Drilling today at 1-800-BIG-IRON (244-4766)

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